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InWorldz Tier for Anse Etoile

This is the Paypal link for paying tier for shared space in InWorldz. The usual disclaimer stuff is reprinted here....

This is very Important Information. PLEASE READ this before using this payment method.

I've made new arrangements for collecting our tier payments via Paypal. This is with Beta Technologies, a long time company which has done business in SL and RL, and who's owners are dear friends. Their info is here. Payments made now with this system will show up on your statements as PAYPAL*BETATECH.  They are earmarked solely to pay our tier to InWorldz Inc.

Also, and this too is very important... if you use your RL PayPal® account to make your payment, your RL name (but NOT your credit card information!) will become visible to Sudane and to the people at BetaTechnologies. It will NOT be shared with anyone else! But if for any reason you are uncomfortable with this, please do not use this method of payment.

No information received through the PayPal® transaction will be given or sold to third parties. PayPal® does not transmit your credit card information to the payment recipient.

This button is for one time payments.
1) PLEASE pay only one month of tier! 
2) PLEASE pay only the exact amount.
3) PLEASE insert your avatar name so we know which account you are paying for.



This button is for subscriptions.
1) Subscription amount is set at US$22/month.
2) PLEASE insert your avatar name so we know which account you are paying for.