More Prims for Marblehead


Some months ago Linden Lab announced that they would make it possible for owners of full sims (NOT homesteads, which almost all the New England sims are) to increase the number of prims supported on the sim from 20,000 to 30,000, a full 50% increase. Prims are also known nowadays as “Land Impact Units”, but they are the same. The number relates to how many things you can put on your parcel, and it’s a direct proportion of how much area of land you have… how many square meters.

We are now going to take the step of applying this increase to Marblehead. If all works out well, we will probably take this step on Marthas Vineyard soon too.

For those residents who own land on Marblehead, the prim capacity of your parcel will increase by 50%. If you have 500 prims now, you will have 750 prims available to you after this change. Everyone (on Marblehead) will get the same 50% increase.

But all good things come with a cost. Linden Lab does charge us for these extra prims, although not nearly as large an increase as in the number of prims received. Tier will increase on Marblehead by 20%.

I have decided that in order for owners to make decisions about their land with the new rates, I will postpone applying the increased tier for 2 months after the new prims are received. Some of you with prim parcels may decide that with so many new prims, you no longer need those prim parcels that you’re paying for. Others of you may decide that, in order to keep costs low, you may wish to switch to a smaller parcel. Others may simply be thrilled with the new prims!

Two months after the date on which the new prims are received, the new prices will be applied to your tier boxes. That should be plenty of time for you to decide what to do. Should you decide to prepay several months at the current rate, before the new rates go into effect, you are completely welcome to do so.

The bottom line for New England is that, with this huge increase in the number of prims available, and a cost increase much less than the prim increase, the cost per prim per month will be a good deal less, and New England will be a more desireable place than ever to be a homeowner. New England is a great place now to live. With this new change, it will be even better.

And maybe, someday, if we all wish hard enough, Linden Lab will make the same offer for homesteads!

Please contact me directly if you have any changes that you’d like to make that I can help with or if you have any questions at all.

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