Pay Monthly Tier

As you know, when you first buy your parcel in New England, you are paying your first month tier. That one month is added to your tier box when you buy. After that, you'll need to go to the Land Office and pay your tier. You will receive reminders about the need to pay tier. Please DO NOT allow your tier to become overdue, or your parcel will become subject to repossession, clearing and reselling. Direct payment of tier to SLNE staff members WILL NOT be accepted or requested. You MUST pay at your tier box.

If tier is due, you have two ways to pay it.

Pay your tier in L$'s to the Payment Box

For this purpose, there are tier payment boxes located in the Land Office in Marblehead.

With our Casper tier system, your tier can be paid at any time, for any amount of money, by anyone. The tier box calculates how much time you have purchased when you pay your tier. It offers choices of 1, 2, 3 or 4 months, but you can pay any amount.

Find your tier box in the Map Room. The maps are arranged alphabetically by sim name, and your name will appear in hovertext over the tier box embedded in the map.

Click on the tier box. If you are the owner, a variety of choices will be available to you, including finding out how much time you have left.

To pay tier, right click on the box and choose pay. Remember, while it may be convenient to pay exactly the month offered by the tier box, you can pay any amount, at any time. And anyone can pay your tier for you, if you wish. Be sure you're paying the correct box! The box will warn you if you are paying someone else's box.

Pay your tier in US$s using Paypal®

This is very Important Information. PLEASE READ this before using this payment method.

We have a Paypal system in place for paying SL New England tier. A real-life company, Beta Technologies, has volunteered their PayPal® account for our use, for which we are extremely grateful. And this system comes with a new feature which may make it more convenient for those folks using it.

This is very important... if you use your RL PayPal® account to make your payment, your RL name and address (but NOT your credit card information!) will become visible to Sudane and to the people at BetaTech. It will NOT be shared with anyone else! But if for any reason you are uncomfortable with this, please do not use this method of payment. Instead, please use the payment box at the Land Office with your name on it and pay in Linden L$s.


No information received through the PayPal® transaction will be given or sold to third parties. PayPal® does not transmitt your credit card information to the payment recipient.

If you'd like to pay your tier with PayPal®, check the amount by touching your payment box at the Land Office. Then go to the page linked below... you'll need to enter the amount. Also, please enter your avatar name into the text field so that I can identify who's account this payment is for. If you are uncomfortable entering your name here, you may omit it... but then you MUST IM Sudane in-world that you have paid.

1) PLEASE pay only one month of tier!

2) PLEASE pay only the exact amount.

To make the payment, please click

to go to the Paypal payment page.